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The Top Best Amancio Ortega Quotes

Amancio Ortega Gaona is a man we pleased to introduce, he is not so well know but he was ranked richest man in world in the year 2015 by forbes. He is a founder of  Inditex fashion group and which is best known for  Zara clothing and accessories retail shops. The below are the his famous saying in the business and it may inspire young Entrepreuners as well.

The Top Best Amancio Ortega Quotes

Attempt to seduce the customer with the latest fashion, the finest design, and the most attentive service.

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You must appear three times in the newspapers: when you are born, when you get married, and when you die.

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The success of your business is based in principle on the idea of offering the latest fashions at low prices, in turn creating a formula for cutting costs: an integrated business in which it is manufactured, distributed and sold.

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The life experiences which have made me grown as a human being, an entrepreneur and a citizen are based upon a number of principles which I deem deeply valuable: Solidarity, Understanding, Commitment, Hard-work Reliability and Faithfulness.

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Innovation and constant improvement… must keep on being the motivating idea of our Group throughout the 21st century.

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We cannot limit ourselves to continuing on the path we have already opened and once again we will have to be enthusiastic and exacting in order to convert ideas and projects into reality in a world that is advancing at great speed. 

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We will have to continue to win the confidence of the millions of people who frequent our stores on three continents with the quality of our work. 

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I'll keep working until the end

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My true and simple desire is that, through the strategies and activities of the Foundation, the results of my life experience, both personal and professional, may reach all those members of the society who might be in special need of backing and encouragement.

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The successful combination of intense expansion and renewed business efficiency has only been possible through the immense effort of our team at all levels of the organization.

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