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Brahma Kumaris Top Best Dadi Janki Quotes

Dadi Janki is an elder sister of brahma kumaris world spiritual univeristy. Her teachings carried more than 100 countries. Now she has been acknowledged internationally spiritual leader. Here down are the top list of her sayings.

Brahma Kumaris Top Best Dadi Janki Quotes

Never Lose Hope in Life. Nothing is Impossible in Life.

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Why Speak, When You can convey Far more through silence.

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Value Your Own Time And Time of others.

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If you have honestly realised your mistake, but your mind continues to go over and over it, to no avail, consider this a sign that you are now in need of forgiving yourself.

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We do not Think about anything ... do not Think too much.

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Stay in Present, When your in the Present, Everything is the Pleasant.

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A relationship is like a tapestry. The fabric is strongest where the threads that hold it are spun of openness, love and trust.

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When their is a Barrier, People Move Back. But If their is a bridge they go across.

Be a Bridge, Not a Barrier.

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Every Moment has a Benefit, If only You Know how see it.

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Remember : the Quality of your Thoughts And the Feeling Behind those Thoughts has much more impact than your words.

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